2. Festival of Solidarity

Call for Participation


Annoying notes on Youtube saying this video is not available in your country and the need for paying for software and other intangible goods reminds you of property issue in the copyright field. But questions about property arise in many areas. Some of them may affect in very direct way like the worsening housing question or how a democrazy has to define its position on public services on general interest vs. market-driven exploitation paradigms committed to a maximum increase in individual profit. But others are more opaque like debate about colonial looted art in European museums or fights for sexual self-determination as well asbodily integrity. The thinking about “That’s mine” and I can do with it whatever I want ranges from issues touching the environmment in disposal and exploitation of natural resources such as water, rare-earth elements or lignite to the social level when cities expulse homeless people and young people from the ‘public’ space on the one hand, the growth of so-called gated communities and of areas structuredby a consumer logic in the inner cities on the other hand… Property issues are ubiquitous.


They permeate almost all areas of our ways of life. Also, numerous social and political constellations of our time can be understood as property conflicts. The matter is so urgent because of the modern understanding of property. On the one hand, property guarantees freedom and self-realization, on the other hand it always holds potentially illegitimate social power and political influence. This tension of the concept of property is also reflected in social questions: Can a society claim property from individuals, for example by raising taxes, obligate individuals to serve in social services removing and redistributing of organs from your dead body.


The Network Solidarity City of Augsburg wants to ask such seemingly peculiar yet comprehensive questions together with you and look for answers based on solidarity. We want to initiate discussions, identify problems and become practical: Who owns what and why? Is thinking and acting in categories of ownership per se wrong and supercritical? Does it possibly lead us to think about ourselves, our fellow human beings and our environment in a way that has devastating consequences? As a result, would we not only have to think about how to distribute property differently, but how to overcome it in principle? What would that mean in practice practically and when can we get started?


Create with us the Augsburg Property Conference! Let’s make the city our own! the city with us!

Urban gardening, initiatives for free solidarity, care of refugee children, barter clubs, people’s kitchens, free theatre groups, autonomous open spaces, anti-racist, anti-sexist initiatives, subcultural spaces, housing projects, environmental protection initiatives, initiatives of the solidary economy – they all pose property questions in their own way and at the same time present concrete utopias to a different way of living together.

We want to provide spaces and time in which all these ideas can be seen and experienced. That is why we organize the property conference and invite you to participate in many ways: With lectures, discussions, theatre, art and music performances, film screenings, parties, concerts, cooking courses, discussion rounds, interventions in public space… Be there: wild and controversial!


The Property Conference will take place from 5-7th July 2019. In a framework of about four weeks before and after this period, events on the subject of property can also be held at various locations in Augsburg.

Send us an e-mail form with your proposals for participation by Friday, 15th March 2019.


But please don’t forget that the solidary city exists on the basis that people help to set up the conference, cook for the visitors*, serve

food, tabling, clean, dismantle, and so on. Don’t worry if you don’t have your own programme item, we are happy about your support on all levels.


Please also be aware that we organize this conference in our spare time. We work in initiatives from the grassroots movement. We can (only) provide space and time. Therefore we have to hope that you know how to finance your sub-projects. But of course we are here to provide help and advice.


No matter what the property conference will look like: Participate in the free solidary city of the future! For a city in which everyone can

lead a good life!