Solidarity cannot be prescribed, but can only grow from below. With this in mind, we are trying to make Augsburg a more and more solidary city from below by creating two, three, many places of solidarity and thus gradually creating an ever denser network of solidarity.

In order to make this visible in the city, we have produced stickers with our logo, which we will distribute to pubs, cultural institutions, medical practices, clubs, shops etc. from now on. In addition there are postcard flyers that briefly inform about us and the campaign.

Whoever wants to receive the sticker “commits” to the basic consensus of the campaign, which reads as follows:

This is a place of solidarity where no one is discriminated against on the basis of age, appearance, disability, gender, origin, religion and/or sexual orientation. For a just city.

You can see what the stickers look like under this post and if you would like to have one of them, please contact us at

Here you will find a list of the places that have already declared themselves to be places of solidarity and perhaps a solidarity city map will be added soon…:



Altstadt Schusterei

artful rooms – Werbeagentur Augsburg


Bikekitchen Augsburg

Cafe am Milchberg

Café Samocca

Café Tür an Tür

Cafe Viktor

Degree Clothing

Die Ganze Bäckerei

Die Metzgerei


Erlebnisgarten Augsburg

Freizeitsportanlage Oase – Stadtjugendring Augsburg

Grand Hotel Cosmopolis

Hep Cat Club

Keks handgemachtes

Kulturhaus Abraxas


Mutter Erde

Neruda Kultur-Cafe

Open Lab Augsburg

Orient Kebap im Real

pöig clothing

Praxis Dres. Friedrichs/Möller Hochzoll

Praxis Hausärzte am Rathausplatz – Dr. Ross und Kollegen

Provino Club – raumpflegekulturverein

Schwarze Kiste Haunstetterstraße

SoLaWi/Ökosozialprojekt Augsburg

Sozialkaufhaus contact

Sprengstoff Brauerei

Viktualien in der Bäckergasse

Yoga im Hof

Zentrum für Aidsarbeit Schwaben (ZAS)

Zum bayrischen Herzl